Your subscription swiss army knife.

Drive Subscriber Growth, Reduce Churn, Increase LTV

Trusted by dozens of leading consumer brands

Subscription made simple.

A comprehensive and easy-to-use tool built to increase the king of all metrics, LTV.

Finally, a platform built to retain and acquire subscribers rather than just another payment provider. Designed by lifelong acquisition and retention marketers, not developers.

Fast, hands-off, and hassle-free setup

It’s as easy as installing the Retextion app on your Shopify store and leaving the rest to us. Our team will handle a white-glove migration from any platform or set up your first subscription program from the ground up. No down time or customer disruption.

Intuitive tools to test, learn, and scale

Ever wonder what adding free merch on the second order would do for LTV? How about testing different discount types for add-on products? We have no shortage of tools, but start with our proprietary experience builder and scale promotions that help reduce churn, bump AOV, and of course, increase LTV.

Do everything you need

Of course, unified checkout

Long gone are the days of needing a separate checkout and the headaches that came with it. We integrate seamlessly with Shopify so the rest of your techstack runs smoother.

Stop churn

Lose the analysis paralysis

Zero-fluff dashboards that don’t suck. We determine the KPIs that matter for your business goals so you can focus on what’s important. Our reports are lean, mean, and informative.

Understand better

Do ALL the A/B testing

Which subscription offer works better? Are we more likely to retain subscribers if we offer a GWP every other month? When should we send upsell emails? If you can ask it, you can test it.

Get testing

There’s so much more

A personalized subscription management chatbot, customizable email notifications, optimized customer portals, and more—we’ve checked all the boxes. And we’ve done it better than anyone.

And if you don’t want to take our word for it…


a best-in-class partner ecosystem

The most comprehensive subscription tool known to man.