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Recharge Pro
Recharge Pro Skio

The Basics

Monthly Fee $499/month $299 $499/month $399/month Transaction fee 1%+19¢ 1%+20¢ 1%+19¢ 1%+20¢ Built on Shopify Checkout yes yes no yes Passwordless Login yes no yes Login with Shopify Account yes yes yes Free Whiteglove Migration yes yes no no 0 Churned Merchants yes no no no

Increase AOV & Revenue by 15% (ExperienceEngine™)

Free Gift on Order X yes no no Automated Upsell on Order X yes no no Fixed Amount Sampling yes no no Monthly Promo Testing yes no no Automated A/B Testing yes no no

Reduce Churn By Up To 47% (RetentionEngine™)

Churn Surveys yes yes yes AI Optimization yes no no Personalized Treatments yes no no Video Experiences yes no no

Subscription Program Setup

Flexible Build-A-Box (bundle products of different prices) yes no no Pre-Paid Subscriptions yes yes yes Flexible SKU & Price Swapping Workflows yes yes no Various Out of Stock Policies yes yes yes Editable Billing Windows yes no yes Calendar Subscriptions (with custom date picker) yes no no Multicurrency Support yes yes yes Headless Support yes yes yes

Customer Portal

Native Upsell Carousel yes no no Gift on Skip yes no yes In Portal Banner Ads yes no no Update Credit Card Per Subscription yes yes no Pause Subscription yes no no Custom Theme Builder no yes no No Code Color and Style Editor yes no yes No Code Copy Editor yes no yes Set Next Order Date yes yes yes

Customer Communications

Klaviyo Quick Actions yes yes yes Email Builder for No Code Email Design yes no no SMS Chatbot to Manage Subscription yes yes yes View Customer SMS Conversations yes yes no Retry Out Of Stock Emails yes no no Retry Failed Payments yes yes yes Customizable Dunning Options yes yes yes

Merchant Admin Portal

Audit Logs yes yes yes Merchant Edit Quick Actions (editing subscriptions from the search page) yes no no One Time Merchant Magic Links yes yes no

Reporting & Analytics

Native Analytics Dashboard yes yes no Revenue Forecasting yes yes no Promo A/B Testing & Reporting yes no no Risk Forecast yes no no Industry Benchmarks no yes no

Strategy & Support

Free Chat Support yes yes yes Agency Partnership Programs yes yes no Annual Industry Conference no yes no

Select Integrations (Contact us for more options!)

Klaviyo yes yes yes Gorgias yes yes yes Churnbuster yes yes no RetentionEngine yes yes no Peel yes yes yes SourceMedium yes yes yes Webhooks yes yes yes API yes yes yes

Let’s get to it.

So as you can see, we’re the most extensive subscription provider known to man.